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Our Roots


We are firm believers in the rich love that takes place in a family. We know that family is more than just blood. We believe that family can be defined as a persons deeply rooted love for another being. We are a family business. Our owners consist of a three-fold family. Two of which are father/son, and the third is a long loved best friend. We are in this together, solely to bring you a family environment everywhere we go. Oh ya, and we sell amazing, mouthwatering yogurt with a plentitude of awesome toppings! Woo Hoo! If you'd like to know our below! 


Our Product

Fro-Yo is awesome. 

Frozen Yogurt is THE healthier choice when it comes to frozen treats. The nutritional values when considering fat content is remarkable! The average cup of vanilla ice cream contains about 15g of fat...on the contrary, vanilla Fro-Yo contains about 6g!

Our flavors are incredibly tasty, hence the name, "WOW!" There are numerous flavors that we ourselves throughly enjoy! Such flavors can range from pineapple, mango, and coconut–all the way to cookie dough, oreo, and salted caramel. As far as toppings go, we buy the freshest toppings from local grocers every time, guaranteed. We always enjoy providing fresh fruits as well as sweet and delicious candies. 


We Bring the fro-yo to you!

We have a SUPER RAD YoMobile that we can shuttle wherever you want!

We also deliver our handy portable Yogurt Machines to office lunches,

birthday parties, grad parties, and wherever else you would like to enjoy our delicious Yogurt!

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