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Fusing Souls with Sweets

Reserve The Yo-Mobile!

We have this vibrant and playful Yo-Mobile that we enjoy bringing to events such as schools, graduation parties, soccer tournaments, religious organizations, and more! It comes with awesome speakers and a great staff to accompany the Fro-Yo Party!

It comes with 6 different flavors and a wide selection of toppings.We have a couple different options for our Yo-Mobile, read below for more detail.

Yo-Mobile Option#1




For this option, we request a $650 minimum charge. When we arrive, we give out 8oz cups with each cup being $7. You can fill the cup to the brim with the 6 different flavors available along with the variety of toppings. 

We will have a couple of our awesome staff work the event in making sure everything runs smooth and sweet! 

Yo-Mobile Option #2

The Standard


The STANDARD option allows the party to have 16oz cups in which they can fill to their liking with 6 flavor options and up to 20 toppings. We will weigh the yogurt and payment will be taken by the staff on the Yo-Mobile. We charge 64 cents per ounce, and we take both cash and card. 



Lastly, we delight in delivering our unique portable Fro-Yo machines to office parties/lunches, birthday parties, graduation parties, and more! These are a great enhancement when it comes to gatherings.They carry one flavor of yogurt and we can bring up to 4 toppings along with us. 

Previous Clients (friends):

  • Auraria Campus
  • Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Valor Christian High school
  • Rock Canyon High school
  • Mountain Vista High School
  • Cherry Hills Community Church
  • Hudson Gardens
  • Von Millers Vision Foundation
  • Jeffco Fair
  • Sky Ridge Medical Center
  • City of Glendale 
  • Schomp Automotive Group
  • And many more! 


If you would like to know more about the flavors, toppings, reservation prices, and details contact:


Brandon Pleiman


Von Miller's Vision Foundation